• 2016 Doctors' Day

    In recognition of Doctors' Day the Emory Medicine Recognitions Committee sent out a call for nominations for doctors across the School of Medicine who go above and beyond. Over 180 Emory physicians were nominated by their peers and colleagues for their dedication to improving the health and well-being of our patients and community through the care they provide, the research they conduct, and their efforts to teach and inspire young doctors.


    The committee reviewed each nomination and selected those who exemplify the outstanding faculty of the Emory School of Medicine. The quotes below were pulled from the nomination materials. Please join us in congratulating these featured faculty members!

  • Featured Faculty

    Maria Aaron

    Department of Ophthalmology | The Emory Clinic

    “Dr. Aaron is the doctor's doctor when it comes to ophthalmology”


    “Fantastic clinician, talented surgeon, and smart diagnostician”


    “Makes the patient feel informed, safe, comfortable, and cared for”

    Susana Alfonso

    Department of Family and Preventative Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “She has assumed a leadership role within the SOM and our Department”


    “She is genuinely interested in promoting Family Medicine and Primary Care at Emory”


    “She is role-modeling the importance of interprofessional training and care teams in her work as a physician and faculty member”

    Jonathan J. Beitler

    Department of Radiation Oncology | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Always there for his patients, all hours 24/7…very informative to patients”


    “Awarded the teaching award from the residents”


    “He goes above & beyond for patients and staff”


    “He is a great role model for the residents…he cares and inspires me”

    Sharon Horesh Bergquist

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “She delivers excellent health care; well liked by patients”


    “Bed side manner is the best!”


    “She devotes quality time to medical students and colleagues”


    “She is helping launch a Healthy Aging Research study”


    “Always keeps me informed of my health issues”

    Brenton Black

    Department of Medicine | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Dr. Black is excellent & caring with patients”


    “He is an awesome team member”


    “Always willing to assist staff members”


    “Dr. Black is an excellent educator and very approachable”


    “He inspires leadership for all levels”

    Travis Blalock

    Department of Dermatology | The Emory Clinic

    “Has a spectacular attitude at work and with his staff, always providing positive feedback and showing appreciation of hard work”


    “He goes above and beyond to ensure patient care by calling each and every patient after surgery”


    “I was very nervous when I had my MOHS surgery and Dr. Blalock thoroughly explained the procedure and was very genuine and caring.  I felt very valued as his patient.”

    Joanna Bonsall

    Department of Medicine | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “She is a true patient advocate”


    “Dr. Bonsall engages all appropriate specialists and serves as the hospitalist quarterback for the patient's care”


    “She listens well to patients and their family members to hear their concerns, respond to them, and thoughtfully answer their questions”

    Laura Brachman

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “Dr. Brachman is just the best doctor you can have”


    “She has a wonderful laugh and smile”


    “She likes to get the job done!”

    Tom Bradbury

    Department of Orthopaedics | Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital

    “Dr. Bradbury communicates very will with staff, residents and fellows”


    “Has a great bedside manner to patients and families”


    “Excellent teacher of fellows and residents”


    “Great role model during patient encounters and surgery”

    Sukit Chaiyachati

    Department of Medicine |Emory John's Creek

    “Emory Hospitalist since the

    inception of the program in 1999”


    “Excellent patient centered care”


    “He is always helpful in assuring best outcomes in treatment, patient results and experience, documentation, and billing.”

    Hyun Cho-Steinberg

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “Dr. Cho-Steinberg has wonderful bedside manner. She continues to go above and beyond for others and has a passion for healthcare.”


    “She is very knowledgeable and thorough and looks at every detail of her patients”


    “Dr. Cho-Steinberg's professionalism is stellar. She continues to demonstrate equality, fairness and respect for her patients and staff”

    Nicholas Church

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “Commitment to a patient's personalized plan of care vetted through knowledge, research, and a wide professional perspective.” 


    “Commendable level of post-appointment follow up and personal contact from Dr. Church.”


    “As a patient, I feel regarded, considered, and heard during every exam and consultation.”

    Jerard Cranman

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “Dr. Cranman is very patient  and sensitive to the needs of his patients”


    “He has excellent knowledge”


    “He is a team player and hard worker”


    “He loves what he does!”

    S. Scott Davis, Jr. 

    Department of Surgery | Emory University Hospital

    “Dr. Davis is the Director of Emory Endosurgery Fellowship”


    “He has been named in top 10% of Patient Satisfaction”


    “He will always take time out to answer questions/help students, residents and coworkers.”

    Salma de la Feld

    Department of Dermatology | The Emory Clinic

    “Excellent bedside manner”


    “Caring.  Always go above and beyond for her patients.”


    “She is very thorough and detailed in her evaluation”


    “She asked lots of questions and follow up questions to determine the best course of action for my care.”


    “Empathetic, sincere and caring.”

    Keith Delman

    Department of Surgery|Emory University Hospital

    “He goes above and beyond to take care of his patients and colleagues”


    “He has a great bedside manner... always engaging to his patient ”


    “Advocate for Patient and TEC Employed Staff”


    “His patients love the amount of time he gives to explain what care they need”

    Tanvi Dhere

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “Dr. Dhere is thorough, professional, caring, compassionate and attentive”


    “She supports, motivates and assists staff in achieving educational dreams”


    “She is one of few doctors in the US who performs fecal transplants and is researching early FMT's and FMT's in a pill form”

    Allen Dollar

    Department of Medicine | Grady Memorial Hospital

    “Dr. Dollar  is Chief of Cardiology at Grady, teaching cardiology fellows and attending clinics”


    “He volunteers at Open Door Community Clinic in Atlanta every month and maintains multiple homes in Ethiopia, clothing and housing the underserved.”


    “He led the development of the STEMI (cardiac) program at Grady”

    Danny Eapen

    Department of Medicine | Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

    “Dr. Eapen is highly respected for his knowledge and expertise in preventative cardiology by his peers and patients”


    “He is always able to understand the patients needs while diagnosing the cardiology issues”


    “He is wonderful with patients and staff and treats everyone with respect…he is a pleasure to work with”

    Gregory Esper

    Department of Neurology | The Emory Clinic

    “He is a great mentor, leader and physician”


    “He shows incredible excitement and passion for what he does, which makes him a joy to work with”


    “He led way for implementing Chronic Care Management within Neurology”


    “He goes above and beyond to help patients find solutions to their problems”

    Scott Firestone

    Department of Pshychiatry & Behavioral Science | Emory University Hospital Midtwon

    “Always available to consult on patients - any day of the week or time of the day”


    “Very warm, friendly, and caring and makes patients feel that he cares about them and truly wants to help them feel better”


    “He is most dedicated and very hard working.”


    “He has always been the doctor for our doctors and staff, now has assumed the role with professional athletes.”

    Micah Fisher

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “Established a regional referral pulmonary hypertension program and all the inter-disciplinary components to make it successful”


    “Always going above and beyond for patient care”


    “Always striving to improve and continue employee satisfaction.”


    “Championed (and co-directed) a regional critical care educational CME/CE program - now in it's 10th annual year in Atlanta”

    Alan Freeman

    Department of Neurology | The Emory Clinic

    “Dr. Freeman is very hands on with his practice and he makes himself available to his patients, via calls or appts.”


    “Dr. Freeman is a pleasure to work with and for. The patients love him”


    “He is an excellent teacher, leader and healthcare provider”


    “He builds strong relationships with his patients”

    Niall Galloway

    Department of Urology | Emory University Hospital

    “Dr. Galloway helped create, and directs, the Emory Continence Center which progressed to become a nationally renowned Center of Excellence.”


    “He teaches fellows and residents on an ongoing basis in the hospital and clinic setting.” 


    “Most importantly he demonstrates unrelenting compassion and empathy with his patients.”

    Charles Rickey Gillespie

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science| The Emory Clinic

    “Complete dedication to his patients”


    “Commitment to education of residents and medical students”


    “Excellent colleague, willing to step up when fellow colleagues need coverage or help”


    “Expert caring for difficult to treat patients”

    Malcolm Graham

    Department of Otolaryngology | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Dr. Graham has a longstanding history of service to Emory Clinic and University”


    “He has an excellent personality with lovely bedside manner”


    “He has an exemplary work ethic and professional interpersonal relationships”


    “Dr. Graham is patient, kind and easy to work with”

    Carla Haack

    Department of Surgery | The Emory Clinic

    “Extremely knowledgeable and capable with the Acute Care Service”


    “Outstanding surgeon”


    “She has a great bedside manner and treats all who work with her (even the "little guys") with respect and kindness”


    “Never says no to a request for help”


    “Nicest person I know”

    Sandra Helmers

    Department of Neurology | The Emory Clinic

    “Changing paradigm for caring for epilepsy patients”


    “Patient engagement, caring for kids and adults alike”


    “Humanitarian Efforts in Epilepsy Research in Rwanda”


    Honored posthumously

    Emily Herndon

    Department of Family & Preventative Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “She serves as a regular physician supervising faculty for the Emory PA Program's student-run clinic at the Good Samaritan Health Center...We could not be there without her!”


    “She is taking a lead role in the challenge to integrate interprofessional education into our curricula and course offerings”


    “She is dedicated to modeling professionalism and service in everything she does”

    Jason Higdon

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “Dr. Higdon makes me feel as if he personally cares about my health, I have never felt rushed through my visit and takes his time to ensure I understand. This makes every visit pleasurable and does not feel like a chore.”


    “He finds time to balance teaching his students, seeing a TON of patients, and contributing to the overall uniqueness and appeal of the PCPC”

    G. Baker Hubbard

    Department of Opthalmology | The Emory Clinic

    “He always has a smile and is willing to help anyone”


    “He started the Annual Retinoblastoma Kids Day. This is a function he and employees of the eye center fund out of pocket to provide day of fun for RB patients, to show the families they are supported, and to help the kids affected by this eye disease”

    Vita Kesner

    Department of Neurology | The Emory Clinic

    “Very thorough in caring for her patients”


    “Treats everyone respectfully, kindly and sincerely…feels everyone's opinions and thoughts are valid”


    “Dr. Kesner started a tech competency program in EMG.”


    “Provides excellent care to all of her patients”

    Lee Kneer

    Department of Orthopaedics | The Emory Clinic

    “He continues to go above and beyond for his patients”


    “Dr. Kneer is the best physician I have ever worked with! Makes the job fun everyday”


    “Residents love him - voted teacher of the year by TEC Dunwoody Primary Care residents”


    “He set the record for the highest Press Ganey scores in our dept.”

    Missy Kottke

    Department of Gynecology/Obstetrics | Grady Memorial Hospital

    “She is the physician champion of the postpartum LARC program for Grady and the state”


    “She is the medical director of the Grady Teen Clinic, caring for a high risk population”


    “She is an amazing teacher, mentor, and research mentor to students, residents, and fellows”

    Neil Lava

    Department of Neurology| The Emory Clinic

    “He always advocates for patients, making sure they have the necessary care and resources, helping them navigate the often complicated healthcare network”


    “He is one of the best doctors I have seen throughout Emory Healthcare”


    “He is compassionate and kind to everyone and is thorough with each patient to provide holistic care”


    “He is a role model as a physician, but more importantly, as a person.”

    Melinda Lewis

    Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine| Emory University Hospital

    “She is extremely dedicated to patients and routinely rearranges her personal schedule to provide biopsy services to anxious patients.”


    “Dr. Lewis is a highly regarded cytopathologist whose expertise and professional opinions are trusted by her colleagues.”


    “She has continuously educated numerous residents and pathology fellows in the art and science of cytopathology.”

    R. Amadeus Mason

    Department of Orthopeadics | The Emory Clinic

    “Very detailed in his diagnosis and takes time with each patient.”


    “Great with staff”


    “Patients are always satisfied with their visits when they see him”


    “His Stem Cell procedure is recognized as being cutting edge”


    “Always willing to take on additional patients”

    Scott Maughon

    Department of Orthopeadics | The Emory Clinic

    “Gives his all at work to make sure every patient leaves better than when they came in”


    “Great teacher and surgeon”


    “Dr. Maughon always puts everyone in a great mood”


    “Very supportive of every person he comes across”

    Andrew Miller

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science | Emory University Hospital

    “Dr. Miller has complete support of his staff”


    “His patients absolutely love him”


    “He is SO smart and a very good man”


    “He makes his patients his priority”


    “Comes up with morale boosters for support staff”

    Foad Nahai

    Department of Surgery | The Emory Clinic

    “Dr. Nahai is arguably the most recognized and admired academic aesthetic surgeon in the world”


    “He is the only person ever to be President of both the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.”


    “He has been the greatest ambassador in plastic surgery from the US to the world”

    Janice Newsome

    Department of Radiology | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “She is very much patient advocate - will go above and beyond for patients”


    “Fantastic bedside manner with patients and their families - caring, kind, understanding, provides a lot of information, answers questions thoughtfully and clearly, spends a lot of time with patients”


    “She has an innovative approach to patient-centered care and education of trainees”

    Ajay Nooka

    Department of Hematology/Oncology | Winship Cancer Institute

    “Very knowledgeable, approachable and helpful”


    “Goes above and beyond to ensure our BMT patients get seen in a timely fashion… even if that means working full clinics everyday”


    “Dr. Nooka has been very helpful in educating non-clinical staff on BMT transplants”


    “Excellent teacher to young physicians, high schoolers, patients”

    Nelson Oyesiku

    Department of Neurosurgery | The Emory Clinic

    "He has one of the most outstanding minds I have had the privilege of interacting with. He leaves no doubt in my mind that the mystical “triple threat” still exists."


    "He is a compassionate physician who provides individualized, thoughtful care for the many patients who seek his advice, counsel and management."


    "He has elevated the neurosurgery residency training program to one of the most competitive and highly sought in the country."

    W. Clyde Partin

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “Always available to his patients and their families…listens to their needs and provides”


    “Goes above and beyond the call of duty in terms of caring, connecting patients to care, and helping people feel better”


    “Leader of the Diagnostic Clinic and a master of medical history…can solve medical mysteries better than anyone at Emory”

    Gaurav Patel

    Department of Anesthesiology | Emory University Hospital

    “He has revamped the Anesthesiology clerkship for medical students, making it a well loved rotation.”


    “Dr. Patel works hard to ensure the anesthetists have a voice in the department and works as a liaison between the anesthetist staff and the anesthesiologists.”


    “He has worked diligently to help with staff happiness which in turn helps patients have a better experience”

    Allan Pickens

    Department of Surgery| Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Dr. Pickens provides exceptional patient care”


    “He is a blessing to many people”


    “He is compassionate, caring, dedicated and knowledgeable”

    Michael Ross

    Department of Emergency Medicine | Emory University Hospital

    “Dr. Ross is compassionate about the care delivered to his patient”


    “He cares about his patients”


    “He has a spirit of excellence”

    Bijal Shah

    Department of Emergency Medicine | Grady Memorial Hospital

    “Dr. Shah led efforts to institute opt out HIV testing in the ED impacting hundreds of patients lives”


    “She is an excellent dedicated teacher at the SOM and while on shift. Excellent clinician well liked by patients”


    “She leads the EM residency clinical competency committee”

    Joe Sharma

    Department of Surgery |Emory University Hospital

    “He is a great teacher for residents and medical students”


    “He coordinates and leads medical students for an annual Haiti Surgical Volunteerism month”


    “He is improving quality of healthcare at Emory by leading efforts to reduce Surgical Site Infections”


    “Received national recognition for surgery quality work”

    Stanley Sherman

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “Dr. Sherman is the most thorough Cardiologist I know, he goes above and beyond with spending time on even the most minor issue with every patient”


    “He is an outstanding teacher, I personally have learned more from him than I did in any class while I was getting my Bachelors.”


    “Recent awardees of a Lifetime achievement award in Cardiology”

    Joseph Snitzer

    Department of Pediatrics| Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

    “When he is away we worry about who to ask about difficult cases.”


    “He is fully committed to patient care and teaching the art of pediatrics.”


    “Hardest working member of division of pediatric hospital medicine - recently has "cut back" to 6 days a week.”

    Boris Spektor

    Department of Anesthesiology | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Dr. Spektor is an excellent instructor to the Fellows, Residents and Clinical Staff”


    “He communicates effectively and actively listens to patients, staff and has great bedside manners”


    “He's very inspiring and always shows camaraderie in the workplace and encourages others to do so as well”

    Laurence Sperling

    Department of Medicine | Emory University Hospital

    “He faithfully mentors and educates students, residents, fellows and junior faculty”


    “Has led an Emory Medical student small group society for many years and is passionate about medical education”


    “Dr. Sperling continues to change the preventive cardiology landscape with his 2 decades of clinical research and leadership”

    Anthony Stringer

    Department of Rehabilitation Medicine | Emory Rehabilitation Hospital

    “Dr. Stringer is a clinically astute, sophisticated, and gifted neuropsychologist”


    “He is a dedicated teacher and supervisor who has trained countless neuropsychologists practicing in Georgia and beyond”


    “ He was selected by his peers as President of the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology, a very prestigious organization”

    Toncred Styblo

    Department of Surgery | Emory University Hospital

    “Dr. Styblo is a total patient advocate”


    “She is time tested and dedicated”

    Amy Talboy

    Department of Human Genetics | The Emory Clinic

    “Is very thorough and caring with her patients”


    “Very nice and appreciative to support staff when she needs something done”


    “Has a very great personality and is funny”

    Mylin Torres

    Department of Radiation Oncology | Winship Cancer Institute

    “Dr. Torres is the most thorough MD I know”


    “She cares about the well being of her patients and colleagues”


    “Named head of Glenn Breast Cancer Center”


    “Very dedicated to her patients and will go that extra mile to see them when she's not scheduled to be in clinic”

    Dipak Vashi

    Department of Medicine | Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

    “Dr. Vashi makes all of his patients a priority. I have worked with him for the past 3 years and the word "no" is not in his vocabulary. If there is a need, he meets it 100%”


    “He has a great bedside manner and makes his patients feel comfortable discussing their care”


    “Always follows up with the patient and makes time for caring care.”


    “He is a great diagnostician!”

    Craig Villari

    Department of Otolaryngology| Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “Very personable and flexible with work staff and patients”


    “Great attitude and greets everyone with a smile”


    “Approachable with questions about the clinic”


    “Personality is one of a kind…very nice and always smiling”


    “Never seems to get flustered”

    Pamela Vohra-Khullar

    Department of Medicine| The Emory Clinic

    “Dr. Vohra-Khullar is very detailed with patients about their care.”


    “She continues to thoroughly review patient's charts prior to being seen so that quality care can be provided”


    “She is over the resident clinic, and works well with them and other physicians”


    “She is flexible and able to give professional insights concerning her profession”

    Martha Ward

    Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science | Grady Memorial Hospital

    “Dr. Ward is a strong patient advocate who always provides patients the best evidence based care”


    “We share multiple patients and Dr. Ward does a phenomenal job collaborating care”


    “She is an outstanding clinician and teacher”

    Sally West

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “She is the most kind and genuinely caring physician that I have ever had!”


    “Her patients love her! She's very caring and goes above and beyond for them.”


    “I appreciate when she sends a referral…most of the time we discuss the management plan together. The patients really appreciate it!”


    “She values my opinion and works with me to improve my health…she never rushes an appointment.”

    Elliott Winton

    Department of Hematology/Medical Oncology | The Emory Clinic

    “He goes to great lengths to help his patients. Goes above and beyond to make sure his patients receive the best possible therapy…he gives all of himself to his work”


    “Caring, kind and compassionate…a great doctor and a good person, a rare gem"


    “Humble, considerate and respectful”


    “A great teacher and mentor… commends a good job and effort.”

    Ted Wojno

    Department of Opthalmology | The Emory Clinic

    “Dr. Wojno provides excellent and personalized care to his patients”


    “He is nationally recognized for treating complex eye socket and tear duct problems”


    “He is always kind, courteous, approachable and attentive to his patients and coworkers”


    “He is an awesome teacher”

    William G. Woods

    Department of Pediatrics |Children's Hospital of Atlanta

    “What everyone loves about him when he is on-service taking care of patients is what we love about him as an academic leader – he gets in there, rolls up his sleeves, and exudes passion for the patients, for teaching, for research, for the faculty and staff working with him”


    “He is brilliant, dedicated, and just a generally wonderful physician”

    Kim Workowski

    Department of Medicine | Emory University Hospital Midtown

    “She is a fantastic diagnostic - smart and thoughtful”


    “She is kind, caring, and very available to patients and other MDs”


    “A leader in STDs and HIV treatment - trustworthy clinical acumen and judgment”


    “She is extremely dedicated, knowledgeable and patient oriented”

    Jennifer Zreloff

    Department of Medicine | The Emory Clinic

    “She has pride in our PCPC practice, and is continually trying to improve upon it, all while balancing her numerous other competing demands”


    “Jenni consistently provides high quality care…her patients love her.”


    “Always warm, professional, and encouraging. Fosters teamwork within the clinical team, and self governing/ownership within her patients”

  • Congratulations to all of our nominees!

    • Scott Anderson – Medicine
    • Martha Arellano – Hematology/Medical Oncology
    • Bennett Axelrod – Orthopaedics
    • Martina Badell –  Gynecology / Obstetrics
    • William Jeremy Beckworth - Orthopaedics
    • Karina Belinfante – Medicine
    • William Bender - Medicine
    • Elizabeth Billingsley - Medicine
    • Wendy Book - Medicine
    • Stephen Brandt - Medicine
    • Tim Buchman -Surgery
    • Rami Calis - Orthopaedics
    • Thaddues Chapman - Gynecology/Obstetrics
    • Suephy Chen - Dermatology
    • Edward P. Chen - Surgery
    • Sarah Chisolm - Dermatology
    • Jonathon Cohen - Hematology / Medical Oncology
    • Wondiful Colbert - Family & Preventive Medicine
    • Elizabeth Collins - Gynecology / Obstetrics
    • Jocelyn Cox - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Kimberly Curseen - Medicine
    • Priya Dayamani - Medicine
    • Ton DeGrauw -  Pediatrics
    • John DelGaudio - Otolaryngology
    • Thomas Dodson - Surgery
    • Leigh Ann Dooley - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Molly Eaton - Medicine
    • Mark El-Deiry - Otolaryngology
    • Bassel El-Rayes - Hematology / Medical Oncology
    • Stewart Factor - Neurology
    • Ron Feldman - Dermatology
    • Jean Fiedler - Medicine
    • Kristin Fink - Dermatology
    • Gregory Fountain - Gynecology / Obstetrics
    • John Galloway - Surgery
    • Sheryl Garbram-Mendola - Surgery
    • Jonathan Glass - Neurology
    • Laura Gonzalez - Medicine
    • Emily Graubart - Ophthalmology
    • Taylor Graves - Medicine
    • Chanda Graves - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Arthur Griffiths - Emergency Medicine
    • Antonio Guasch - Medicine
    • Thomas Guest - Medicine
    • David Guidot - Medicine
    • Louellen Gurley - Medicine
    • Kyle Hammond - Orthopaedics
    • Tarek Hanna - Radiology
    • Ebrahim Haroon - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Jeanne Hatcher - Otolaryngology
    • Kiran Hebbar - Pediatrics
    • L. Tom Heffner - Hematology / Medical Oncology
    • Adriana Hermida - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Cherie Hill - Gynecology / Obstetrics
    • Eric Honig - Medicine
    • Azizul Hoque - Medicine
    • Ijeoma  Isiadinso - Medicine
    • Heba Iskandar - Medicine
    • Julie Jackson-Murphy - Medicine
    • Sol Jacobs - Medicine
    • Anna Kao - Ophthalmology
    • Steven Keilin - Medicine
    • Khurram Khan - Medicine
    • Sanjay Khant - Medicine
    • Anna Kho - Medicine
    • Hanna J. Khoury -Hematology / Medical Oncology
    • Joung Y. Kim - Ophthalmology
    • Adam Klein - Otolaryngology
    • Chris Knudson-Medicine
    • Missy Kottke - Gynecology / Obstetrics
    • Monique Kumar - Dermatology
    • James Lah -Neurology
    • David Lawson - Hematology / Medical Oncology
    • Richard Llotta -Family & Preventive Medicine
    • Michael Lloyd -Medicine
    • Sundus Lodhi - Medicine
    • Umbreen Lodi - Medicine
    • Douglas Lowery-North - Emergency Medicine
    • Gina P.  Lundberg - Medicine
    • David Markham - Medicine
    • Julia Massaad - Medicine
    • Kandathil Mathew - Medicine
    • Gerard  McGorisk - Medicine
    • Lesley Miller - Medicine
    • Ron Mixon - Radiology
    • David Murphy - Medicine
    • Khusrow Niazi - Medicine
    • Ken Ogan - Urology
    • Shervin Oskouei - Orthopaedics
    • Susmita Parashar - Medicine
    • George Timothy Park - Medicine
    • Ankit Patel - Surgery
    • Maria Piraner - Radiology
    • Richard Pittman - Medicine
    • Clem Pollydore - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Angela Prakash Griffin - Medicine
    • J. Bradley Randleman - Ophthalmology
    • Amir Rezvan - Medicine
    • John Rhee - Orthopaedics
    • James Roberson - Orthopaedics
    • David Roberts - Medicine
    • Andres Rodriguez-Ruiz - Neurology
    • Gerald Rodts - Orthopaedics
    • Michelle Ross - Radiology
    • Peter Rossi - Radiation Oncology
    • David Rye - Neurology
    • Anurag Sahu - Medicine
    • Manu Sancheti - Surgery
    • Richard Schmerling - Anesthesiology
    • Nikrad Shahnavaz - Medicine
    • Arvinpal Singh - Surgery
    • Diana Sodiq - Orthopaedics
    • Dan Sorescu - Medicine
    • James Spivey - Medicine
    • Jahnavi Srinivasan - Surgery
    • Ben Stoff - Dermatology
    • Stephen Szabo -Hematology / Medical Oncology
    • Alex Truong - Medicine
    • Fred Turton - Medicine
    • Sherree Walker - Medicine
    • Jonathon Waltuck - Medicine
    • Leslie Watters - Medicine
    • Heidimarie Watts - Dermatology
    • Rob Weinberg - Anesthesiology
    • Tamara Weiss - Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
    • Bryan Wells - Medicine
    • Melvin J. Williams - Medicine
    • Robbie Williams III - Medicine
    • Neil Winawer - Medicine
    • Sarah Wise - Otolaryngology
    • Wendy Wright - Neurology
    • S. Tim Yoon - Orthopaedics